Follow Up on the call for White Ambassadors
Written by
Lori L. Tharps
October 2010
Written by
Lori L. Tharps
October 2010
Fellow She Writer Amy, who blogs at The ManyShadesofLove sent me this message in response to my Call for White Ambassadors post. I've already raised the call for a Shelf Elf Revolution to combat "segbookgation" at the book stores and libraries, but Amy's post makes me think I still have a lot to do. But I am not giving up. I've received fabulous reviews of Substitute Me and people are reading it despite having to look a little harder to find it. So I can not complain. Here's what Amy had to say: "Okay I just had to share.....I went to buy Lori's book today because back when she first posted this I promised I would and I always follow through on my promises! Let me clarify, I would have bought the book regardless because the story really interested me, but this blog post really sealed the deal. =) I found the book at Borders today and I had gone before, but previously it was only available online. I am not a pay for shipping kind of gal, so I waited and kept checking. Well today I was thrilled when I checked the computer for her book and it was in stock! =) I looked up where to find it, and ladies, guess where it was.....The African American section! Really?! Why? So of course I immediately remembered this post and just shook my head. I am truly looking forward to reading Lori's book because the story is one I am totally interested in. However I'm not sure I would have ever found her book had this post not been on She Writes. So there ya go.....just wanted to share. Amy" Thanks Amy and Viva La Revolucion!

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  • Karen Simpson

    I was wondering the other day how things were going with your novel. I'm glad to hear the reviews and sales are going well. I'll have to check where they put your book in the Ann Arbor Book stores:)

  • Amy Wise


    You are so welcome! I still can't believe where the book was located. I literally stood at the computer and laughed when I saw it was filed in the African American section! Not a "funny ha ha" laugh, but more like a "you have got to be kidding me" laugh! After my laughter subsided, off I went to the African American section to buy your book. Of course I was the only "white shopper" in the section and no matter how hard people try not to....they still give you that look of what's up with you? I'm totally used to it after all these years of being married to a black man so at this point it doesn't even bother me. What I really wanted to do was to share your story with the people in that section, but I didn't think they were ready for the "crazy lady" to go on a rant about how black authors are categorized, so I just bought the book, went home and shared the story with you! I will keep sharing these types of stories and maybe little by little we can all make the change together.....because truly is it really necessary to categorize books by race? C'mon now....