How Do You Escape?
Written by
Tina L. Hook
October 2010
Written by
Tina L. Hook
October 2010

Inside of all the places I travel I catch a reflection of myself. I wonder at what my life would feel like within each new setting. I see myself lounging on a country porch, listening to the rain on the canopy. A vase of wildflowers sits next to me and my dog sleeps at my feet. I see myself among the throngs of the big city. Shopping bags are slung over my shoulder as I rush towards my next destination, a dinner with friends. I see myself relaxing on a sandy beach with a deep blue sky soaring above me. Sinking my toes in the water, I contemplate my future over a frappuccino and a hangover. Every backdrop presents a new vision of what my life might be and who I might be inside of it. These are all fantasies of course, some of which I have lived and some of which I have only visited. I play inside of them, testing each sensation for authenticity. I marvel at the unfamiliar and take comfort in what feels like home. I am renewed by the realization that all things are possible. At the end of each trip, I return to my own life like an outsider. I witness the ordinary details that escape me in the everyday. I see the artwork collected from sunny festivals and road trips, and gifts that have traveled from place to place, always finding a special niche wherever they go. I see the worn cookbooks with pages falling out from meals with friends and the gatherings hosted. The old suits that hang in the closet and the old books that line the shelves speak of past accomplishments. The desk that is cluttered with scribbled notes and passages is evidence to new dreams. It is a colorful home that is thoughtfully appointed with pieces of history from an adventurous heart. There I am, sipping from my favorite coffee cup, remembering something funny. Somewhere between the city and the country, my life is small and beautiful. My questions for you today is: How do you get out of your own head?

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