Our Box Of Quotes—It's Pure Treasure
Written by
Angela Martin
October 2010
Written by
Angela Martin
October 2010
I walked into Noelle’s house through the open front door one afternoon this past September. “Hi!” I said quietly in case she was on a work phone call. “Hey, I’ll be right there,” she said cheerfully. Not a minute later, she bound down the stairs holding a bright red shopping bag, a Picasso-style portrait of a woman on one side. “Merry Christmas, Ange!” she said with a happy smile as she handed it to me. “Oh my gosh!” I said with surprise, taking the gift as I laughed out loud. You see it’s just like Noelle to celebrate a person—not a holiday—whenever, picking up a just-right gift when she happens upon it. “Well, open it!” she said, as excited as I was. Out of the bag I lifted a heavy rectangular object wrapped in burlap and tied with raffia. “What the heck is this—it weights a ton?” I asked, looking at Noelle who was smiling ever brighter. “You’ve just gotta open it. It could be the most perfect gift I’ve ever given anybody.” This piqued my curiosity all the more knowing that long ago we’d sworn off believing anything in this life was perfect—or should be—as I unfurled what I thought might be a cement block. Inside was a worn cream box holding hundreds of torn pieces of cardboard with a quote typed on each one. I held the box more closely to read the metal tag riveted to its front: “365 Gathered Truths.” “Oh, I love this,” I said a lump growing in my throat as I stretched my arms wide to grab hold of her. “Thank you.” “A quote for everyday,” Noelle said bear-hugging me back. “Isn’t it incredible—I must have sat in the store for half an hour reading through them.” We each pulled a batch of quotes from the box, leafing through them one after the next, stopping each other to read aloud the ones that captured us. The box of quotes now sits on my living room coffee table, brimming with words of inspiration, of healing, of promise, and yes, of truth. xo, Angela http://www.justcate.com/

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