On Purposeful Coincidence
Written by
Angela Martin
September 2010
Written by
Angela Martin
September 2010
It happened again. Noelle and I have randomly bought the same or nearly identical flip-flops for the past three summers. We like to say they’re a metaphor for our lasting friendship and the many coincidences that have graced our lives—coincidences we believe are purposeful. The first time, it was the polka dot flip-flops pictured in the masthead of our blog and website. If you look closely, these aren’t exactly the same pair, but they’re pretty darn close. The following year, we each bought a pair of pretty grey ones with a light grey silk flower on top. We purchased them on different days from J. Crew’s summer sale. (Funny, because Noelle typically avoids sales the way she does peas. I live for them.) Here’s this year’s story: In stopping by Noelle’s house to drop off a book she’d lent me (“The Kids Are All Right,” by Liz and Diana Welch—loved it!), Noelle grabbed me by both arms and said, “Oh my gosh, Ange, wait right here!” She hopped over the little gate on the lowest step of the staircase (to keep her basset hound, Mabel, from ravaging the bedrooms) and ran upstairs to her room. I didn’t give this much thought, as Noelle usually has about 30 things spinning in her head at once. Down the stairs she came in a pair of flip-flops identical to ones I was wearing—darker grey this time with a fabric ribbon flower on top, dotted in the center with plastic gems. “Can you believe it?” she said, standing right up next to me now, her left flip-flop pressed against my right one. “What are the odds?” I said, my heart leaping, and we squeezed each other. “It’s a sign, Ange,” Noelle said now clasping her hands together, her whole face turned up in a smile. “It has to be.” Have you ever had something happen to you by chance that made you think it wasn’t chance at all? xo, Angela

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