See Beauty Everywhere
Written by
Angela Martin
September 2010
Written by
Angela Martin
September 2010
Ange walked in my kitchen this past Thursday night (sound familiar?) and I had a hodgepodge of girls here. We hugged hello and she immediately picked up my new “Sundance” jewelry catalogue from the counter, admiring the cover photograph featuring the coolest chunky ring ever. “Oh my gosh, one of us has to buy this ring so we can both wear it,” Ange said of the gold ring imprinted with words, a hearty turquoise stone on top. Before I could answer, my husband Tim chimed in a little wary of the plan (having purchased items from this catalogue for me before), “I’m guessing three-hundred and fifty dollars—so I don’t like it. Actually, cover item? It’s probably not less than six hundred.” I grabbed the catalog back and said, “Ange, I loooove this ring!” Flipping open the cover page, I found a description: “It’s by Jes MaHarry—I love all her stuff! And it says this is a testament ring that asks us to see beauty everywhere.” “We have to get this,” Ange said looking at the blurb over my shoulder. Then we both read the last line, highlighted in bold: “$1,620.” “Bummer,” I said totally disappointed. “I guess we won’t be sharing it anytime soon, huh,” Ange replied, her voice trailing off. “Hey, dare to dream,” I said and we laughed out loud. xo, Noelle (Angela's BFF and "Just Cate" Co-Author)

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