There Are Angels Among Us
Written by
Angela Martin
September 2010
Written by
Angela Martin
September 2010
I finished up my shopping at the grocery store, quickly chose a checkout line, and started unloading items from my cart onto the moving belt. As usual I was rushing, in between drop-off and pick-up with the kids’ sports. From the corner of my eye I noticed that the cashier’s ear looked misshapen, the soft tissue pressed up against his head and the opening folded over in a way that he probably was unable to hear out of it. He wore a wedding ring, but was young—early twenties I’d guess. Continuing to unload, I found one of my yogurts was open, set it aside, and then picked up a loaf of bread, which felt hard as I squeezed it. “Huh, expired,” I said to myself on checking the date. I handed the two items to the cashier saying, “I’m sorry to be a pain, but I’m not going to get these.” He took my things and said, “You’re not a pain. You’re a blessing.” “Excuse me?” I said, thinking that I heard what he said, but wasn’t entirely sure. “I said that you’re a blessing. Hasn’t anyone ever told you you’re a blessing before?” I was quiet for a moment, trying to gather a concise response when he said, “Maybe just not at the market, right?” “Yeah, that’s right,” I said as I smiled, thinking of Noelle as we often have this conversation. I thanked him as he handed me my receipt and shifted my eyes to the nametag on his store-branded polo shirt. “Angel,” it said. I took a deep breath and my smile widened, as I pushed my cart out of the store and into the parking lot. As it happens, I’ve met lots of angels when I least expect to. How about you? xo Angela

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  • Karen Scott

    Wow. Very cool story.
    I commented on one of your last posts about a trip my family went on to Ouray Colorado to go offroading and camping. One of my best angel stories is from that same trip. To give you the short version: My son (then 5) and I were alone at the campsite early one morning. I cut my thumb. With an axe. Seriously...I thought I cut it off. It looked like a scene from some bad horror movie. (My husband eventually took a picture of the bloody axe for posterity.) The young couple two campsites down had introduced themselves the night before, so the only thing I knew to do was ask them for help. I had no car and not even a first aid kit. Without batting an eye, this young man whipped out his kit, announced how good it was that he was a paramedic by training, and took excellent, kind, gentle care of both me and my freaked out kid. Even drove me 30 miles to the nearest Urgent Care and then went to find my husband's car -- left a note on the windshield about why I was getting stitches. I'll never forget this guardian angel!

  • Judaye Streett

    One day I was out looking for a job and feeling discouraged. A woman walked pass me and smiled. There was something in her smile. Something like hope and beauty and joy. Anyway, after she smiled at me I felt better the rest of the day, and that encounter only lasted a few seconds.