Written by
jenny penton
September 2010
Written by
jenny penton
September 2010
On one very, busy day of mine recently, I managed to drive to my destination (which was a good half-hour away) while completely daydreaming. When I pulled up to park, I then realized that I didn't even consciously drive at all. How scary is that? I was on autopilot the whole way. My brain knew the route, and took over since I was in la-la land. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever been on autopilot? I was thinking how our lives can be like this. We do things because that's all we know and our actions can be done almost unconsciously. We do them either because we were raised that way, taught a certain way, or just believe a certain way and got comfortable with it. Sometimes we don't stop and think... is what I'm doing working? Is it the right thing to be doing? I have been on autopilot before. Not questioning what I thought I knew and definitely not the things I was over-top-passionate about. Once I began digging and dissecting into some of what I’ve always done and was open to change... I felt renewed and liberated! This new way of conscious thinking gave me purpose behind everything I did from that point on. Some things to consider are parenting: do you discipline your children the way you were raised without any consideration for its effectiveness? How do you view mealtime? Do you put time into your meals to ensure you create traditions, good health and memories? Do you take care of your health... emotional, and physical by putting enough time and energy needed to care of yourself? Do you ever dream and create goals to achieve them? Or are you just living on… autopilot? Stop for just a minute and think...why do I do what I do? Ask the questions: should I look into something different that might be more effective or help my life be more fulfilling? Does everything you do have purpose behind it? Living with purpose, being a visionary and following God's plan for your life, needs to be done consciously... Are you living on autopilot?

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