Starting Out
Written by
Sheana Ochoa
September 2010
Written by
Sheana Ochoa
September 2010
It seems that I've been starting out a lot lately. She Writes is one form. Twitter is another. Writing for another, but mostly just starting my life over after being bedridden postpartum and now looking through the fresh eyes of my toddler -- everything is so new, like just starting out. I finally recuperated enough to return to LA and begin growing my writer's platform. Today I sent an article query to four major national magazines. We'll see. It felt good to get my writing out there. I've been sequestered so to speak in an ongoing biography of the woman responsible for modern day acting, Stella Adler. Research, Interviews, Travel, Revisions, everything Stella. Writing for periodicals is a new, but necessary step to build my platform. So, Hello, everyone, I'm emerging from academia and chronic illness and beginning anew with a beautiful baby boy to boot!

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  • Monica Egan

    Congrats Sheana and thanks for your comment on my page. I wish you all the very best with all your new ventures, including motherhood! My kids are older now, but looking after them is still my number one priority. Good luck with building your author platform too and I look forward to reading your tweets! (I will follow back),

  • Kathleen Maher

    Congratulations all the way around, Sheana: for your renewed health; for pushing your writing; and enjoying your child. Not only will things get better for you, give yourself time--and enjoy the time you're able--and you'll soon begin one of the richest and most rewarding phases of your life (I'm speaking only of motherhood and health, really, since while I love writing, it hasn't gone far.)
    Even now, with my children grown, I've found it often comes down to a choice of writing or networking. One I'm good at; the other...daunts me. So I write. I love writing; and am grateful for SHE WRITES and my blog. My writing exists outthaside a desk drawer or the bottom of a slush pile.
    But you're not limited the same way. You'll primed, it seems, to achieve wonders. Onward and upward and thanks for befriending me.
    Big up, Massive Pure Honor, K.

  • Kimberly Cain

    Sounds like a Life! :-) Sending good vibes for you & all your endeavors.

  • Jackie Myronuk

    Welcome back to the world Sheila! Looking forward to seeing your work and following your successes.

  • Sheri Caplan

    Looking forward to hearing and reading more!