BBAW 2010: Day 4 Awards and Events
We're coming close to the end of the third annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW), but there's still plenty of action to report! Florinda (of The 3 R's Blog) provides a look at the award-winning blogs announced today and a recap of the day's other highlights. Several more winners of Book Blogger Appreciation Week (BBAW) Awards were announced on Thursday. Best Audiobook Blog: You've GOTTA Read This! Florida book blogger Sandy Nawrot reads and reviews reviews print books, but audiobooks comprise a substantial portion of her book reviews as well. She listens to both fiction and nonfiction, and her thorough discussions include both an evaluation of the audio presentation and comments on the content of the book itself. Best Publishing/Industry Book Blog: Book Club Girl Book Club Girl is Jennifer Hart, Associate Publisher (trade paperbacks) at HarperCollins, blogger, and podcaster whose focus is connecting authors with book-club readers. Her personal mission is developing a new all-ages audience for the reissued children's and young-adult novels of Maud Hart Lovelace. Best Event: Dewey's 24-Hour Readathon Held twice a year, in April and October, the 24-Hour Readathon was founded by the late book blogger Dewey of The Hidden Side of a Leaf, and was renamed in her honor as a continuing memorial to all she did to foster the book-blog community. This is truly a community event; hundreds of book bloggers all over the world devote part or all of a designated 24-hour period to reading, updating their blogs and Twitter on their progress, and visiting other participants to cheer them on. Sign-ups for the Fall Read-a-Thon on Saturday, October 9 are open, and nearly 200 people are already on board - why not join them? Thursday's Blogging Theme was "Forgotten Treasures." Participants were invited to write about books - classics, backlist titles, newer but neglected releases - that they felt deserved more reading and notice from book bloggers, and well over 100 bloggers contributed their recommendations. This theme reflects one of the debates in the book blogosphere - focus on building up buzz for new releases, or on calling attention to old favorites? In practice, many book bloggers do some of both. And in keeping with the theme, one of the featured guest posts on the BBAW blog was "The Classics Debate," conducted by Michelle from That's What She Read (pro) and Danielle of There's a Book (con). Accompanying the Best Audiobook Blog Award announcement was a guest post on the BBAW Blog by Candace of Beth Fish Reads aimed at the audiobook newbie; Candace is also creator and curator of the AudioBook Jukebox review database. Tomorrow is the BBAW Finale - the last chance for award announcements, with more giveaways and other great surprises in store!

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