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Angerwriting: a creative must? This time yes ......
Written by
Vicki T. Lee
September 2010
Written by
Vicki T. Lee
September 2010
For two hours I've been alternating between setting up my new She Writes page, socializing on Facebook, and scouting for new posts for my blog and hubpages sites. In other words, no writing, just housecleaning - 'til my daughter came home and informed me that my granddaughter will not be starting school tomorrow either (she already missed everybody else's first day). And in fact, she won't be starting school until NEXT Tuesday! She'll miss the initial getting-to-know you phase that all kindergartners experience with the teachers and other students. While they are a few days past their separation anxiety, my five-year-old granddaughter will just be experiencing hers, which will put her on display if she doesn't handle this well and possibly set her up for ridicule. I'm not sure anger properly describes my feelings right now but I'll use it here. My daughter has had the summer to gather up all the requirements for my granddaughter's kindergarten registration. I'm not sure whether I'm angry because she didn't get it done; or because she didn't ask for help to get it done; or because I didn't stay on her early in the summer to make sure she got it done. (Mind you, she's 24 years old; thought my nagging days were over). At this point, what's done is done. But I'm marvelling that after two hours of piddling, it took two minutes of anger to get my writing juices flowing.

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