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  • So Much for That Idea (Update on Earlier Blog)
So Much for That Idea (Update on Earlier Blog)
Written by
Dawn Nickel
August 2010
Written by
Dawn Nickel
August 2010
Trusting my intution when it comes to freakish coincidences (see previous post) is one thing. Trying to interpret when something is really just a freakish coincidence and perhaps not a profound message from the universe is something entirely different. I spent the past few hours writing up the previous post because I was moved to do so by the events that inspired the post in the first place. All of what I say happened, all of my feelings as written are true, nothing altered. Within two minutes of having finished said post, my phone rang. It was CineVic, the organization co-sponsoring the workshop that I was so flipping excited about attending on August 28th. Newsflash. Today is the 28th of August. Not next Saturday. The workshop is today. It started at about the same time that I was registering to attend it next week. I am devastated. And yet also slightly amused. I thought about deleting the words that I had written, and not posting anything at all. I guess I am okay with having you read it, it exposes my humanness. Although I am not usually quite as bad as this, with dates. So, about that novel…

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