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  • I Am Still Pretty Confused About Where This Is Being Posted
I Am Still Pretty Confused About Where This Is Being Posted
Written by
Dawn Nickel
August 2010
Written by
Dawn Nickel
August 2010
I am brand new to SheWrites, and am a bit confused about the difference between My Page, My Blog, and such. So I blogged on my WordPress site, gave an update on SheWrites, and now am posting here. Wherever this is! I love this site, but there is a lot to take in all at once. I will figure it out, I am sure. I just signed up for a screenwriting workshop that is being held next Saturday. Impulsive, yes – but it feels right. If there is one lesson that I continue to learn well in this lifetime, it’s that I really can trust my intuition. I have been struggling for too long with not knowing how to move forward with a major writing project. The story is well formed, the format still a question. Is it a novel? Or is it a screenplay? Maybe it’s a stage play. I only know that it isn’t a memoir anymore, although I have a lot of memoir writing in me, too. Maybe it is both a novel and a screenplay. But what to do first? Thursday night I was still inclined to believe, as I had for months, that it was a novel. On Wednesday night I had joined SheWrites.Com, something that I had been putting off for as many months. I registered, and responded to somebody else’s post, a writer who had blogged about grief. Her posting resonated with me, which won’t surprise anybody who has read my blog. (Although it might surprise them to learn that my writing project is not really very much about death.) SheWrites is a very exciting but somewhat overwhelming site. It has over 10,000 members, women writers from across the world, seeking like-minded writing women. When I signed back on to the site on Thursday evening, I had an invitation from one of the site moderators to join a discussion group on the site called Novelists, Struggling or Not. I think it is intended for people who are struggling with a novel, not so much for those of us struggling to figure out if we are novelists. Although it may be the same struggle? But I digress. The invitation to join the novelists group was from a SheWriter named Meg Waite Clayton. The name seemed familiar, and I soon realized why. Meg is the author of the novel that I started reading last weekend, the same book that has laid untouched on my bedside table all week. Perhaps just a freakish coincidence. Perhaps not. Fast forward to Friday morning. About half way through the most amazing ninety-minute therapeutic massage of my life, motion picture scenes, scenes with my characters acting out my story, just started playing beneath my eyelids. I wasn’t thinking the scenes, exactly – I saw them unfold, and felt the truth of them. That sounds weird. I suppose I must have been thinking them too. I tend to think that thinking is work, and whatever was happening on that table didn’t feel like work. It felt like an awakening. When I left the massage therapist’s studio, work beckoned. I checked my Blackberry and saw ten new work emails, and one from a dear friend. Jayn has been gently nudging me this past year to transform my passion for creative writing into my livelihood. She knows that the two careers that I have underway already amount to a 60 to 70 hour work week but she also knows me well enough to know that I have energy for one more career, as long as it involves writing what I long to write. Jayn’s email was about an eWomen Network event scheduled to be held in our city three weeks from now. Maryanne Pope, described as “an inspirational speaker,” will be speaking on “waking up to your dreams, transforming passion into pay cheques.” I may attend Maryanne’s speaking event, to learn more about how she figured out (because she has) how grief could inspire her to become an author of creative fiction (her husband died, and it compelled her to write a novel) as well as a CEO of her own film production company. I don’t feel like I need any more inspiration to get going, however. My dream is awake. The screenwriting workshop will be a great first step to see which route the dream should follow next.

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