On Writing About Writing About Loss
Written by
Dawn Nickel
August 2010
Written by
Dawn Nickel
August 2010
Thank you for your post about your friend, Deborah. As an academic and professional researcher and writer, I have written a lot of words. As I now embark upon my "real" writer's life - I find the topic of loss a natural and helpful place to begin.Writing about death feels like a good writing exercise to me because I "feel" so deeply when I write about it. My mother's death was like a bold exclamation point in my life - and I may just write and write about it until I break through to the absolute emotional truth of that loss. I am not quite there, but I like where I am going. Fortunately, I have a lot of other wonderful, life giving and life defining things to write about. Cancer for example. Had it. Beat it. (So far.) Learned a lot from having and beating it. (So far.) Oh, and then there are those couple of decades of addiction early on in my life (I am 50 now). I get that if writing really is about writing down the bones, capturing who I am, then I need to explore the life events that have at least partially defined me. But the past is just a piece of who I am, the textures of the details of my todays are what drive me to the pen, the pad. This site. This is my first post on She Writes. I have been lurking for months. So here I am. Thanks for being here, and thanks for having me. I related to your post, Deborah. I guess that is what it is all about. Heal on.

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