Poems of a young mind
Written by
Jocelyn Chia
August 2010
Written by
Jocelyn Chia
August 2010
I destroyed most of the poems I wrote when I was a teen. Too much angst. Too much melancholy. And I thought I had gotten rid of them all until I found my 'Little Prince' notebook with a few scribbles in it. The thing is I haven't really changed. I'm still incredibly melancholic, sometimes disastrously so. And I often let my emotions run free when no one is around to hem me in. Here are the few I uncovered. What laughable attempts. I found myself in the ocean today Its myriad faces matching mine The placid waters beckoned me As her soul and mine entwined I waded gently into her depths For answers to my riddled existence Further and farther I wandered With sheer persistence I found none but yet felt peace She calmed my spirits, soothed my nerves With no one around, I had release I found myself in the ocean this morn A mirror of my mind in the creeping dawn (I'm typing and wondering what on earth I had going through my head the day I penned this down and why I even chose to write it this way. Oh dear...) She wasn't his reality as he wished for her to be The day he realised it, his heart filled with misery He was smitten, in love, or so he thought With her beauty, his being she had bought An artist of passionate talents He had painted her (And it ends there...clearly my imagination got interrupted) I've returned My mind a tangle There's this mess I've yet to clear Where are you? Gone, far removed I touched you for a second Now you're a a distant figure I'm told I can't trust you But I want to learn more Be a part of your life But as someone else Someone beautiful Agile, fast, sharp A mind of numbers and places A sense of the unseen pattern Its meaning, its implications Able to see the misplaced Before it appears To leave as if never there A ghost, a shadow A watching angel (It was like I was trying to say something without really saying it. Particularly from the Agile bit. Like I was trying to hide my true intention in some crazy code.)

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