Recipe: Sarah's Peach Sangria
Contributor Sarah's Peach Sangria Mouthwateringly succulent. The hint of mint adds just enough contrast to the palate to fully appreciate the peachy goodness. Dry ginger ale adds a subtle layer of complexity, complimenting the fruit with some sparkle. (Perfect for hot summer nights!) 1. Mix together and steep over night in the refrigerator: 1 Bottle Barefoot Pinot Grigio 1 Cup Peach Liqueur 1 Cup Peach Juice 3 Ripe peaches, sliced 10 Green grapes, halved 2. Ready to Serve Fill highball glass 3/4 full with Sangria mixture. 3. Add Sparkle Fill to just under the brim with Dry Ginger Ale. 4. Garnish Accent with fresh mint sprigs, gently crushed to release flavor.

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