Friday Fragments: a bunch of fraggled thoughts stuck in my head!
Written by
Doreen McGettigan
August 2010
Happy Friday Everyone! Thank you Mrs.4444 for hosting, if you have not checked her out at "half pass kissing time" please do, she is running around like a chicken over there today. The link is down below where you will find all kinds of stuff..on my blog.. Michael continues to do well in rehab. They FINALLY took him of the respirator! He can talk. We are thrilled to hear his voice again. I will never be able to thank all of you enough for your prayers and kind comments. Lil Dominic is also doing well; he hates using the crutches so I am hoping they can go soon. He now has company 2 of his cousins also have stitches. The rest of the summer will be video games and movies for them! A precious moment: I was visiting my daughter Jillian and holding brand new Peyton Elizabeth. I was telling the baby how happy we all were to have her in our family and how lucky she was to have 2 of the best big sisters. 4yr. old Avery Paige said "Mom-Mom you do understand that she can't really know what you are saying and she really can't talk yet". The whole time she was explaining this to me she was softly rubbing the baby's head. That reminded me of a time when Dominic was about her age and in the supermarket there was a woman with a very tiny baby. Dominic asked her "Can I pet your baby"? For those of you who have asked and commented on the homeless woman we have living in our house; check out my Wednesday post. We have a dilemma. I know; what else is new. Michael was just in this terrible motorcycle accident and the first thing he said when he could speak was "I never want to ride again". That is more than fine with us. The problem is my husband rides and I ride with him. It is what we do. WE go to Daytona Beach every year for bike week, we ride to the Jersey shore, we ride down some of the most beautiful back and winding roads. And I must tell you I love my alter ego the biker chick. I love the clothes. At first my husband said he too was done. Now he is not sure. I'm not sure. WE will be discussing this one a lot! I have really good book news coming soon so stay tuned! I am also so excited that I am so close to 200 followers (thank you all so much)! I have a goal of 300 by the end of August. And of course we are going to celebrate along the way. I am going to have my first ever giveaway. If you follow me and have ever left a comment, you are in. 1 point for following and 1 point for each comment. (I will only count 1 comment for each post). If you do want to do something you can send someone to follow me and tell them to let me know in their comment. For that 5 points. So for every 10 new followers I will randomly pick a winner. There will be books and some gift baskets and some other goodies! It really feels good to be humming Fraggle Rock again and to not be so worried about the boys... I have other big news husbands niece Kate finally landed herself an agent. The woman is talented and we are all so proud of her.. So please go now and follow Friday Fragments and Over 40 bloggers! You will find their links down below, just go a scrolling and you will find the links. Kate's link to "Some things I think" is there too..check her out; she is funny and talented and brilliant. She did the funniest video... I am so trying to figure out how to do links and photo's in my post. That is it I am figuring it out this week come hell or high water! Have a powerful and positive week everyone..

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