Create an Online Persona to Get Hired
The job hunt rules have radically changed from years past. You have to learn how to market yourself online, which involves posting an attractive resume as well as polishing your online presence, and cleaning up your reputation. The latest news indicates that 83 percent of executive recruiters use search engines to find out all they can about those who have applied for a position with their company. Do not be fooled - you will be Googled ! It is the new reference check. In fact, you can start by Googling yourself (put your name in the google search and enclose it in quotation marks). You might be surprised what pops up first, second or third. Hopefully it sheds a positive light in your direction. Did it bring up a video of you and your friend that was a blast putting together just for fun? How about news clips (hopefully nothing unlawful). Perhaps your Google results do show nothing at all. You need to fix that. Also, if you have joined twitter, facebook or other sites, what might a prospective employer be able to discover about you?

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  • You are so right Paidra - I saw some of the articles I wrote on sites I have never been to - at least most were considerate enough to mention that I wrote it - some not. Thanks for the comments.

  • Paidra Delayno

    good tips for the job seeker, Ruth. it's fun to google oneself just to see who's picking up one's name. on mine, some of the sites i've never even heard of, which in itself is interesting how they got my name.