Flight of the Early Bird.
Written by
Candace Aum
August 2010
Written by
Candace Aum
August 2010
At last, my productive sleep schedule has returned. I woke up at 6am by the sound of my agitating alarm clock and brewing coffee maker. Even though I didn't really get a proper sleep last night (I kept waking up every couple of hours) I still arose feeling strangely rested. I think because I forced myself to go to sleep with writing ideas still floating in my mind, my creativity didn't let me sleep completely - and my will power woke me up since it's been sick of starting the day past noon these last few days. Even my dreams last night seemed aware that I wasn't fully asleep. I'm sure I'll feel the opposite of awake by tonight. Anyway, glad to finally be able to rise in time to say hello to the sun. Time to reach optimum productivity! The early bird flies again. -Candace

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