• Jennifer S. Wilkov
  • Harlequin Nonfiction’s Executive Editor and “The Menopause Makeover”
Harlequin Nonfiction’s Executive Editor and “The Menopause Makeover”
This week on the “Your Book Is Your Hook!” Show, Deborah Brody, Executive Editor of Harlequin’s Nonfiction Program, will talk with radio personality and host Jennifer S. Wilkov about Harlequin’s successful foray into nonfiction after a long, successful history of publishing novels loved by women everywhere. Ms. Brody will discuss her own experiences from her successful career in the publishing world and how she came to lead this program for Harlequin a few years ago. She talks about the realities of the industry along with her perspective of its future. She will also provide sound advice for authors wanting to publish nonfiction material today and guidance for how to best work with an editor at a publishing house. Staness Jonekos will talk about her book, The Menopause Makeover: The Ultimate Guide to Taking Control of Your Health and Beauty During Menopause, with radio personality and host Jennifer S. Wilkov. Ms. Jonekos will reveal how she came to write her book as a result of her own true life experience with menopause while planning her wedding. She will discuss what it took for her to write and prepare herself and her book for the publishing industry as well as how she came to Harlequin and Deborah Brody as Executive Editor. She will also talk about how she is now using her book as her hook to transform the lives of women everywhere and empower them during this unavoidable life event. By Jennifer S. Wilkov, host of the “Your Book Is Your Hook!” Show on WomensRadio www.yourbookisyourhook.com

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