My First Writing Project-Deadly Ally
Almost 20 years ago, I started on my first fiction novel "Deadly Ally". I decided to write a novel that would become a series of 6 parts. The concept of "Deadly Ally" came about one night while choosing names for my characters. I've read and enjoyed reading other authors such as John Gresham, Jackie Collins, Zane, to name a few. Fiction writing became my forte, because I have a creative imagination, and I can tell an interesting story. In the early stages of "Deadly Ally", I wanted to implement something different. I didn't want to venture off into the man/woman element of the plot. I wanted my storyline to be different. I pondered on my main characters; Sheba; Gena, and decided how the storyline would play out. I had a vision of my characters, who made the writing of "Deadly Ally" more enjoyable to write about. For five days, I thought hard about the "who, what, where, when, why" of my characters. I wanted to be creative writing about each woman. As with many novels, there is a good and bad character, rich and poor character. I wanted to have two people, both women who are total opposite of each other that become bitter enemies. I did much research, documentation, and interview both mentally ill people as well as modern day witches. To date, I have interviewed a total of five people who help with the authenticity to my character. The idea of writing about a person who is mentally ill and a witch came to mind as I was writing chapter two. I decided I wanted to write about someone who is a danger to self and society. I wanted "Gena" to be the kind of person who's path you don't want to cross; a dark, evil, mysterious woman. I wanted to make "Sheba" the woman every woman wants to be ; beautiful, young, rich; a triple threat. The antagonist I chose for "Deadly Ally-Gena" is a real evil person who hate her nemesis "Sheba" with everything in her. Gena is a character I invested most of my time and research into. I wanted her to be a cold, vicious, hateful, conniving, manipulative, deadly and dangerous woman. I wanted "Gena" to be the epitome of Sheba's existence. I wanted to bring a character to life by showing how hate can drive a person. I wanted to show how a person can make someone's life a living hell. "Gena" is the major character of the novel whom I wanted to be more creative with. The protagonist I chose- "Sheba" is every man's dream and every woman's envy. Sheba is the character some women can relate to; beautiful, young and loaded with millions of dollars. I wanted Sheba to be to be the strong willed woman who fights a battle with someone who hates her to the core. Sheba's being drives her ally Gena to inflict unbearable torment and anguish. I wanted Sheba to be a woman who stood on her belief and faith in God as she face someone who will bring Sheba to her breaking point. The more I got into my storyline, the more I knew I had a knack for writing fiction. I got a chance to let my creativity flow into each character. The excitement of bringing each character to life made fun to write about.

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