Would you consider taking him/her back?
As I sometimes sit and remember the times we had, I ponder on that question "will I take him back"? If I had a dollar for the ones I would have considered taking back, I wouldn't have much. Speaking from experience, I have went down that road of giving second and sometimes third chances. In the end, I came out getting the short end of the stick. Looking back on the ones I would consider, there are several factors as to why I would and why I would not consider taking him back. One thing I would take into consideration is how I really felt/feel about him, then and now. How was he? Was he good to me? Did he respect me? Did he show me he cared? Was he there for me? Did he have my back? Did he stick by me, even through my rocky roads? When I needed a shoulder, was it there and waiting? Was he the man I thought he would be? Did he make me feel like you were the only woman on earth? Did he make me feel like a natural woman? Did he stimulate my mind with the words he said? Did he treat me like a lady? Did he keep a smile on my face? Did he make me feel alive again? Was he understanding? Did he have compassion? Did he know how to love or be loved? I would consider taking him back if he and I had something good. If we connected and had great chemistry, I would consider taking him back. If we were really into each other, I would most definitely give him another chance. If he made me feel different than any other man, he's given a second chance. If he respected me, adored me, stimulated me, romanced me, showed me he cared about me, was there for me, kept it real with me, was the 1 for me, he is in there with another chance. If I just can't say no and walk away, I would consider taking him back. I would consider taking him back if I knew there was some hope there. I would take him back if we could start over fresh. If I knew I would want to be with him, and no one else, I would consider giving it another shot. I would take all these things I just mentioned into heavy consideration as to whether I would take him back or not. I would not consider taking him back if he and I were like oil and water, we just didn't mix. If there was no connection and attraction there, I wouldn't consider taking him back. If he acted like he was no more interested in me, why attempt to give it another chance. If he couldn't accept me for who I am, I wouldn't consider taking him back. If he didn't give me that special feeling when I was with him, I wouldn't consider it. If he acted like he didn't care, or didn't show me he cared, I would not consider taking him back. If all he wanted to do was show me he was into me, I would not consider taking him back. These are some of the reasons why I wouldn't take him back. After being in this situation many times, I feel that I would love to take someone back who get past how I'm feeling. I would rather be with someone who loves me and appreciates me, and accepts me for me. If he possessed all the things I said why, I would take him back. I had the experience on several occasions to take someone back and it didn't turn out like I expected. Many surprises came about that caused the connection to disconnect. The thrill was gone, the flame had flickered out, and we wasn't feeling each other anymore. I saw that as the end of the road for us. Overall, I would consider taking him back if I felt we had chance to make it for the long haul. I would be playing for keeps. Against my better judgment I would open my heart up to him and show him a love he always wanted. Flip side to taking him back, I would rather move on to something else if we just didn't connect anymore. If my heart isn't in it, I'll keep it moving.

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