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Will you test-drive my 250-wd synopsis for my novel, Dakota Blues? Any feedback will be appreciated! On the flight back home for her mother’s funeral, Kristen Grace is still working, her fingers racing across her laptop. She can’t afford to slow down. Just days away from turning fifty, Kristen clings to her identity as a high-level executive, while the corporate world – and her recently estranged husband – seem ever more enthralled by youth. As the plane circles her small Midwestern hometown, Kristen reviews her strategy for a hasty exit. She hasn’t been back in thirty years, and she isn’t planning on sticking around now. Dickinson will be full of nosy, clinging relatives, but Kristen will save her grief for her return to California. She’s hurting, but the sooner she gets back to work, the better. Work has always been her salvation. Before the funeral ends, however, Kristen learns that she has been fired. Reeling from grief, Kristen delays her return to California while new friends, newly discovered immigrant roots and the rebirth of a youthful romance all entice her to remain on the Northern Plains. Meanwhile, 90-year-old Frieda Richter is watching the goings-on from up the street. The once-feisty widow must choose between dying alone or moving to Denver to live with her wealthy, superficial daughter. If she can get this California gal to drive the old camper van, Frieda figures she might be able to stomach the move. One last road trip, and Frieda will go quietly. Kristen, needing the van to transport her mother’s heirlooms, agrees. Camping their way to Denver, the women encounter a collection of unforgettable women travelers, and a life-or-death choice that will change the way she views the rest of her life.

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