What a Waste...
Written by
Alice Grist
July 2010
Written by
Alice Grist
July 2010
I found myself waiting outside a sports shop for what felt to be an inordinate amount of time recently. I could not help but notice the mountains of junk being sold off at a cheap, cheap price. This mountain contained what happened to be the remnants of an unsuccessful World Cup for England. Masks of Wayne Rooney were piled on top of England flags that now cost only 10 measly pence. Whilst a giant flag could be purchased for twice that price. Bargain city! I found this terrifically frightening. Our consumer culture is so keen to cater to our every possible desire that miles and miles of tat is produced. Our homes become cluttered with barely used rubbish, flags get shoved to the back of drawers and eventually, somebody decided to throw them away, because, you can just buy some new cheap tat when the next opportunity to celebrate our country with nylon flags arrives. All of this seemingly harmless proud England paraphernalia is, to me, an example of how dependent we have become. We can't even celebrate our country from the depths of our soul anymore. We don't need creativity or community spirit when we have the local shop and a few quid in our pockets. We adorn our houses, cars and bodies with sheaths of white and red material, and then when it all goes sour we easily dispose of it however we see fit. Life and our celebrations are catered to, and what is left over is sold off, saved for a future event or quickly shipped off to the nearest landfill. To me this is just a small example of how we have handed over our power and our passion to a mass consumerist culture. We celebrate by dishing our cash on essentially meaningless rubbish that neither stretches the imagination or the budget. We fit nicely into our national role then we move on. We think nothing of how all the tat is produced (most likely in vile sweatshops) and we think nothing of how it will add to our already overloaded rubbish tips. Everything is temporary, we celebrate, we lose, we commiserate, we return to work and life is business as usual. When I saw that pile of plastic, nylon, acrylic and card, I just saw a whole pile of wrong. On so very many levels, that pile represented everything that is simply not right about our western society. Our dependence on consumerism, our wastefulness, our lack of creativity, our willingness to buy into fads, our willingness to slot into a harmless agenda such as a football tournament, but whilst within that lose our minds to it and never think further than a goalpost. Yes, it was just a stack of flags, masks and stickers, but to me, symbolically, it was so much more. It was a damn shamed waste. For more spiritual/environmental/lifestyle blogs, and to add your own... Soul Cafe http://highheeledenlightenment.ning.com

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