We All Lose
Written by
Kimeko Farrar
July 2010
Written by
Kimeko Farrar
July 2010
It didn’t take me long to realize that we all lose And not the “mama, where’s my shoes, Or the “Lebron’s gone y’all” type of lose But the slobbering down the chin Going half on a baby to feel rescued Muddy Waters is wailing blues kind of lose. Like thousands of Ghanaian children sold into slavery type of news – it’s wrong A loved one’s body appears stiff and grows cold type of news – he gone Not from being too old but from being too damn bold – for too long An unexpected phone call makes my arteries thick The blood flows slowly to my brain – vessels constrict Singing “Precious Lord” outside my range but scripture equipped So I gave the devil the middle finger and wondered whose ass I should kick If I get to this hospital and don’t see a medical victory – quick. Like hell’s gates the emergency doors were open wide The rooms smelled like Clorox-linen-clean-white and I cried Because something just didn’t look right, it didn’t sound right, and it sure didn’t feel right A lot of talking, but the Doctor’s weren’t saying anything finite. The blankness of my stare implied, “I don’t want to hear that man, where’s my brother’s room?” The info was Bittersweet, Fantasia-like, woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo Ma’am, I’m sorry, there was nothing that we could do Upon arrival he was already dead Too much stress to his chest and trauma to his head. Like a trailer truck on 10s the floor couldn’t hold my feet The walls couldn’t contain my screams or distinguish between my Mama and me My mind, drenched in nightmarish images, got no respite from my retreat Or from the miles and miles and more miles of tear soaked concrete. See, we are wired to lose Sometimes it’s a little like a teaspoon Other times, like a ton it’s a lot Even though I miss my brother unexplainably The loss made me treasure what I’ve still got.

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  • Kimeko Farrar

    Thanks Elisa! I read this piece two nights ago at my very first open mic. It was an amazing experience. Thanks for reading it.

  • Elisa Rodgers

    Very nice - the words and the way you wove them together.