Writing under the gun
Written by
Marilyn Fried
July 2010
Written by
Marilyn Fried
July 2010
I am completing day 9 of a NaNoWriMo for July. I can definitely see the advantage of doing this in November when EVERYONE is doing it. As a first-time fiction writer, here is one thing I've learned so far doing this novel in 30 days project: don't write a plot that contains history that must be verified! I have part of my story happening in Russia during the Moscow Theatre hostage crisis. So that means I have to get certain dates and facts right because it is a fairly recent event (2002). Why didn't I write a story where historical accuracy wasn't so necessary? Live and learn! I scheduled a massage for tomorrow. I don't know if it could actually unkink my shoulders but I deserve the pampering, nevertheless. A one hour massage won't be enough. "It takes a village" to give me a massage because one or two people would never have the strength to keep going. I am at 11,090 words, which is a few thousand words behind where I should be, doing 1600+ words per day. But I am in the second week slump that Chris Baty describes so well in his book. I won't give up though. Now, back to work for me.

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  • Lynn Fisher

    Wow...doing Nano in July. Maery and I did Nano in November and may do it again. It is a lot to commit to.