Female heroic quest
Does anyone know of a recent literary novel (not fantasy or sci fi or any other 'genre' novel) that is (1) based on the heroic quest and (2) has a female hero? I might not be using the right keywords, but I have not been able to find any. Female heroes abound, especially in movies and comics, who are simply men in women's bodies. Disturbing. I find a number of books by feminist scholars talking about women heroes and the quest myth, and perhaps I will have to buy some to find out what books they cite as examples, but I hate slogging through anything scholarly.

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  • Julie Henderson

    The Heroine's Journey
    Maureen Murdock

    She does an excellent job of weaving the key tenets from myths into the piece. It saves you 1/2 the time you'd spent digging for them otherwise.

    Have you studied Lakshmi/Padma in Hindu mythology? Padma is an avatar of Lakshmi--beacon of feminine grace and strength (versus masculinity in a women's shell).

    Hope this is helpful.
    Love & Light,