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  • Announcing my new live Blog Forum: "Haven." Stop by July 6th, 6:00 pm MST!
Announcing my new live Blog Forum: "Haven." Stop by July 6th, 6:00 pm MST!
Written by
Laura Munson
July 2010
Written by
Laura Munson
July 2010
Hello to my sisters in words! I'm so excited to be apart of the She Writes community. I wish a community like this existed 20 years ago when I started my first novel. After 14 unpublished books (some deservedly so!) I finally have a book published. It's a memoir called THIS IS NOT THE STORY YOU THINK IT IS: A SEASON OF UNLIKELY HAPPINESS. It's about putting into practical application the philosophy of non-suffering, which I'd committed to after so many years of allowing myself to be defined by the publishing industry. It's about plugging this same philosophy into a marital crisis. It's about being empowered. It's about surrender. I'm so thrilled that people are being touched by it, especially writers. The one thing that people are responding to more than anything is the vulnerability in my book. To that end, I'm going to be doing a monthly live forum on my blog. I'll send out a newsletter to all of my subscribers (sign up here: http://lauramunsonauthor.com/bio.php) announcing the theme and time, including a piece I've written on this theme, and then I'll meet you there to share about this theme. The date: July 6th The time: 6:00 PM MST The first theme is: The Art of Stopping Here's what I wrote: http://www.lauramunson.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/the-art-of-stopping-for-bill I hope to see you there in words and open heart. yrs. Laura

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  • Kari O\'Driscoll

    I just finished your book and I must say that you absolutely lived up to your author's credo. I feel inspired and educated and comforted and over the past few days I've been practicing the art of not suffering. I held my breath with each page as I tried not to get invested in the outcome of your summer and was so awed by your strength and commitment and perseverence. Thank you for this book!

  • Laura Munson

    Thanks, Tania. I always feel that I'm getting away with something when I sit down to write. Almost like a little girl. It's that same feeling I used to get when I'd sneak off to my tree house and read or write in my diary. Sometimes the energy isn't there because all my creativity goes into parenting...but I always push myself through it because there is always a reward. Something always happens at that writing desk. Where I sit right now knowing I have to leave to drop kids off at summer activities. But the promise of returning is so real and ripe. A single poem is a beautiful and sustaining creation. Be proud of yourself! yrs. Laura

  • Beautiful phrase of yours, Laura, "the philosophy of non-suffering." I'm signing up for your forum, and very inspired by your post on the Mother Writer thread about having the joy of child rearing and the joy of publishing coincide, that it might take some years, that it is worth the wait and perhaps the process worth redefining. I needed to hear exactly that this month, surrounded by a stack of unfinished mansucripts and intermittent despair/joy about the orbit of childrearing and my inability to sustain much beyond a single poem at the moment, yearning, honestly, for the alchemy of finishing something longer. I'll get there. Thanks for the look ahead.