She Writes from the Sea Shore
Written by
Anne Ylvisaker
June 2010
Written by
Anne Ylvisaker
June 2010

Happy Birthday from Monterey, She Writes! Our central coast gathering was small but festive, with a picnic lunch, princess cake from Layers Bakery, and a reading of the She Writes credo to an appreciative She Gull audience. Thanks to She Writes for introducing me to the marvelous Siobahn Fallon. Join us next year at Asilomar Beach, all!

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  • Anne Ylvisaker

    Thanks, Deborah, Jackie, and Jessica! As you can see, there's plenty of beach and we'd love to share it with you. Wouldn't it be fun to see a long line of sandy books on the shore?

  • Um, how much am I wishing I were in Monterey right about now?! These pics are just GORGEOUS. She Gulls, haha that really cracks me up. Here's to you Central Coast She Writers - and to those She Gulls! I hope I get to one day meet you all - on the beach!

  • Looks like a great party. Love the cake, but even better the two books!

  • Siobhan Fallon

    GORGEOUS DAY! And even lovelier company! I am so grateful to She Writes for letting me find a She Writer less than a mile down the road, and to have spent a wonderful afternoon talking writing, sharing ideas, and offering support. It feels like we have begun a great new friendship.
    Thank you, Anne, and thank you She Writes.

  • I'm so jealous! You all were able to meet at the beach. Great pic with the cake and the books!