• Tamiko Nimura
  • On Becoming a Writer (Again): A Progress Report of Habits
On Becoming a Writer (Again): A Progress Report of Habits
Written by
Tamiko Nimura
June 2010
Written by
Tamiko Nimura
June 2010
My summer project: to rethink myself back into creative "writer" identity, after a PhD program and a job away. I'm using my blog, KikuGirl, as "my own private MFA." Here's a post that kills two birds with one stone: it's a revision of an earlier self-assignment (tell a story by using lists) and it's a progress report on how I'm thinking myself back into the writing life.

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  • Tamiko Nimura

    Hi Judith,
    Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! The list does help. And that's an early draft, of course--trying to play with form and content, but mostly trying to make the "response" fit what I had in mind when I wrote the "assignment" for myself. Will look forward to reading your review of Chung's novel. (Was I right about the child?)
    The image is a chrysanthemum (kiku is Japanese for chrysanthemum); you can read more about how I chose the flower and name on the "About" page of the blog.
    Sounds like the meetup was a success! Congratulations and thanks for your efforts.

  • Judith van Praag

    Good start. I like your lists. The perk of habitual list making is that you show yourself you've done something. If anything you've made the list.
    F.Y.I. my review of Sonya Chung's book Long for This World will be in first issue of International Examiner of July. Would have liked to have seen it in the Pacific Reader inlay of this month, but space is limited and my other review was more time sensitive.
    Love the chrysanthemum image on your blog, so clear and crisp, you imagine it's bitter aroma, or is it a dahlia?
    Will miss you tonight at the SW party in Seattle, but am sure we'll have another chance for IRL meeting.