Girl on a Bridge reviewed in The Pedestal Magazine
My new poetry collection, Girl on a Bridge, (MSR, 2010) is reviewed in the current issue of The Pedestal Magazine. Here's an excerpt: "From the title alone, you know that Girl on a Bridge will probably involve danger, personal transition, or perhaps lost youth. Suzanne Frischkorn's second poetry collection contains many of these standard elements, yet so much more. Frischkorn challenges the weighty assumption of what "a girl on a bridge" suggests beyond the usual Hollywood-esque suicide thoughts or coming of age scenarios. The subjects in her poems are everyday girls and women who are dealing with complicated relationships from their past or their present. These are women who have sex, deal with grief, and struggle with their emotions. Frischkorn exposes the women’s complexities in a sometimes not so flattering light, and by doing so never relies on clichés. Several of these poems also feature pregnancy and motherhood depicted poignantly from fresh angles. In fact, almost all of the poems in this collection invite surprise and multiple reads to ensure that meaning is encountered on as many layers as possible." You can read the review in its entirety here:

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