SWoF MASHUP: Your "She Writes" Moments
Last Friday we invited you to join us in reflection mode and share some She Writes Moments. You did. And you had us nearly in tears. By Deborah Siegel A verbal mash-up: "So I had my quiet little blog (my Room on the Internet) for several years before discovering She Writes. Not the same as being connected to a house full of rooms. That’s what my home page on She Writes is for me: one room of thousands of rooms just off the main hub of a rambling mansion full of women writers. I can go down the hall any time of day or night and converse with any number of talented, eclectic women sharing my passion for words. Last February while waiting for my husband to finish undergoing heart surgery, I sat and read through the work of a She Writes member who needed some feedback. Instead of catastrophizing about my husband’s condition, I felt steadied and grounded putting my mind to positive, productive use…so thank you She Writes, for the love, support, opportunity to connect, to be of use, to give and receive, and for the tangible tools (one webinar downloaded and watched, one in the que to go)." -Tania Pryputniewicz "She Writes is constantly surprising and inspiring me. There are women I've met through this forum I hope I am in contact with for a long, long time. And the quality of their writing? I can only say it's something to aspire to. And it only gets better, right? Now, there have been many She Writes moments, but there is one that really hit me hard on the eve of Thanksgiving. I was sitting at the computer, the kids were sleeping, and my husband was off for his weekly game night. That's when I read your post Finding Mother Writer. Reading about the experience with your twins, your trip to the hospital too soon while staring at the door to motherhood and the discovery of Mother Writer! was a lot for me. It's no secret that I don't take myself seriously enough, but once in a while something, someone happens and it wakes me up. The women on She Writes and Mother Writer! have given so much of themselves so freely and honestly--I am terribly grateful." -E. Victoria Flynn "As a poet writer, I am thrilled to be part of She Writes. The badge is posted on my blogsite. The site has provided a venue for a women's voice of diversity, inclusivity, creativity, encouragement. The various Groups reflect the myriad voices of women. May that welcoming spirit continue!" -P M "Shewrites has connected me to amazing people and appreciative readers." -Erika "Maybe, I thought, if I just sit down from, oh, 10 to 1 five days a week and just...well, just write stuff I'll get back into the swing of things? Three hours, just. But that didn't happen. Then in February of 2010 I came across a website called "She Writes." I think maybe a link popped up somewhere, maybe on my Facebook template....SW (She Writes) is a writing buffet: there appeared to be a slot for just about everything writing-related: a blog registry, sub-groups you could join (poets, "mom" writers, writers from the Midwest, et al), published authors and those "counting down," interviews, articles, feedback, classes....Turns out, SW is a feast. Just shy of one year old, at last count it boasted 8,843 members. (Talk about "girl power!!") I registered my blog and then shared it on my Facebook profile, hoping my friends and relatives would follow it and comment. Major point here: remember, this was the older pieces. Nothing terribly personal or controversial. But interesting, I hoped. And then, two things happened. One, I "Friended" (on Facebook and SW both) another writer who had a blog. When I read her blog I was envious. She held nothing back. Even though she had family who might read what she had written (a major stumbling block for me! how do people do it!), she boldly (and this is her expression, not mine) "wrote without a condom." I realized that it was time for me to do the same. Past time, in fact. Then, there came a challenge from SW: make Friday your writing day. If you don't write anything else during the week, at least write something on Friday. Deborah Siegel, the originator of this challenge, promised a weekly "prompt" (in my English 101 class in college, this would be akin to an "assignment"). I felt better about starting to write again knowing there was something specific to write about. I wasn't on my own....So...a She Writes moment. An "interaction that has helped, moved, changed, or otherwise affected" me, a "realization....as a result of being part of this growing community," a "random act of kindness, reciprocity, serendipity, surprise, or generosity"... Oh, all that, She Writes. All that, and more. I am a Writer. Thank you." -Laurie Blair

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