Mother Writer! Celebrates She Writes Big She-Bang
This is me and my Mother Writer! bag. We're standing in front of an overstuffed bookcase crowded with broken tokens and dusty art projects. I was just on my way out the door to shake my way through an audition of my writing for a Mothers Day event I wouldn't attend, despite my best efforts.

I am 35 and 1/2 years old. My first name is Erin, but I've never especially liked it. I am the youngest of nine children, though raised sometimes as an only child of a single mom. Mrs. Iglar, my Freshman English teacher, told me I was good at writing, something I never noticed before. Since then writing has kept me. Today I keep house and home for two little girls, my husband and myself in a small town in southern Wisconsin. I still haven't finished my college degree and if I think too long and hard on it, I'll go mad. When the girls are quiet and my husband is busy at work or on his own computer, I sit here reading, writing, and learning through it all with more than 400 Mother Writers! How did I get so lucky? On June 29 I will be celebrating one year of She Writes. I hope you will too, either at a local She Writes meet-up or by watching Kamy and Deborah on their special live pod cast. But there's more. Mother Writer! is announcing her first ever Mother Writing Contest. The rules are simple: 1. Write an essay (500 words or less) reflecting on what it is to you to be a Mother Writer! 2. Paste the essay In The Body of an email and send to [email protected] 3. Use "Mother Writing Contest" in the subject line of the email (ADDITION: Please use your last name accompanied by MWC-- ex. "Flynn, Mother Writing Contest") 4. All submissions must be received by Midnight on June 14 5. The winner will be announced on June 29 And I know you're dying to find out what you win. Why, a stunning Mother Writer! messenger bag just like mine (of course, not mine because it's my second home), your piece featured on the Main Page of She Writes and all the glory and fame that goes with winning our first Mother Writing Contest. I do hope you will have fun with it and play along. Preliminary judging will be done by 3 Mother Writers who are not myself (the judges will be announced shortly) while the winning entry will be chosen by Kamy and Deborah. Write hard. Die Free.

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  • Susan Bearman

    Oy, the anticipation is killing me. Have fun at your meetups, everyone.

  • Judith van Praag

    I'm with you, excited to the hilt, the party is something I'm really looking forward to. As for the contest results... it'll be wonderful to celebrate everyone's contribution. I'm going to ask the Seattle Writers who partook to bring their essay and read it out loud. So long, sleep tight, sweet dreams! Always do the Write Thing!

  • Rebecca Rasmussen

    It's almost June 29th, which means two things: birthday parties and contest announcement. I am so so excited; really, the entries made me laugh, cry, sometimes laugh and cry, and they inspired me. Thank you everyone for participating!

  • E Victoria Flynn

    I got it Ashlei. :) I'm hoping everyone who submitted will also want to post them after the winner has been announced. I'll mention that as well. Thanks for participating!

  • Ashlei Austgen

    That would be "deadline" - no time to double check typos - another benefit of being a Mother Writer.

  • Ashlei Austgen

    I snuck mine in last night just under the wire. I love being deadling driven - nice adrenaline rush ;-) I hope we'll be able to read the entries.

    Thanks for organizing this! Ash

  • E Victoria Flynn

    I'm so glad. I'm loving the essays!

  • Lanita Andrews


    I just emailed mine, and I have to say, that was the most fun I had writing in about a year.

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Hi Lanita,

    This is really fairly informal. As long as the subject line is as specified the email can appear as you like. Everyone so far has had their name in the email. It is also nice to see a word count. Hope to see your essay soon!

  • Lanita Andrews

    I just want to clarify - our name should be nowhere in the body of the email and only our last name will be on the subject line. Is this correct? Will you then be identifying us by our email addresses? Also, should the essay be titled, or does it matter?

  • Susan Bearman

    OK, OK, I'm writing, I'm writing.

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Thank you Lea and Deborah. I have a great story about my first name and an officer of the law, but another time :)

    Great news--the essays have started coming in and they look great!

  • So aha -- the E. is for "Erin"! I love that name, actually. But Victoria's a great name too :)

    And a quick update re <<watching Kamy and Deborah on their special live pod cast.>> I think we may opt for a less tech-heavy way to speak to folks on June 29 -- by sending a DVD to those hosting meet ups that can be played on a computer. We'll confirm the deets soon!

    How much do I love this contest. Can't wait to read, and help select! Thanks E. Victoria for the ingenuity, as ALWAYS. We're going to feature this post tomorrow on the mainpage. Stay tuned.

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Thanks to you both. I tried to shrink the picture, but I guess Ning wants it huge. I've never been a fan of huge pictures of myself. The thumbnail next to my name is perfectly sized ;)

  • Catherine Anderson

    Gorgeous pic! I too wear my bag with such pride!

  • Judith van Praag

    You shine. I love polka dots, but these are a notch above, ringlets! Can't get over it. I'll return with my FOO (family of origin) to camp on your porch!