Yes, Writing is Rewriting - But Sometimes It Hurts!
I have gone back to a screenplay I wrote a while back. It actually started life as a stage play. And I have made radical changes. Now, I'm having to revise/polish the script to get ready to send out with my other screenplay to a very long list of producers and directors which I've spent many months researching. The Athena programme for experienced women screenwriters has helped in targeting producers who are (hopefully) likely to be interested in my work. But this business of rewriting has got me thinking about what happens when we go back to a work after a time away from it. In that interval, our life has changed one way or another and we ourselves have had different experiences. So, at some level, we're not the same person we were when we first wrote the piece. Now, returning to the script, I find myself wanting to rewrite the whole damn thing. But I'm on a deadline. What to do? If I just fiddle about with a few alterations that will be totally unsatisfactory. And which bits do I change? The most maddening aspect of writing screenplays is that if you change one scene it means you have to change others. Things like, something a character knows at one moment is now needing to be put somewhere else. The demands of logic can be ruthless. So, there's no time to do a complete overhaul. I can't leave it the way it was because I now realise there are many things wrong with it. Best get back to it, then!

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