She Writes on Fridays: Notebook Mash
Deborah Siegel mixes two parts notebook and one part words. Reading about your notebooks--pictured here--made me rather hungry to dip back into mine. Thanks to all who responded to last week's prompt ("What's in YOUR Notebook")--especially Kelly Jo, Tania Prputniewicz, Cheryl Wright, and Emily Cross. And to Marco Acevedo (aka darling husband qua graphics guru) for the montage. Here are 3 of my favorite posts that you wrote in response: Response by Tania Prputniewicz Notebooks I Have Known by Kelly Jo My Journals and Notebooks by Cheryl Wright And while we're on the topic, for a great little post last month on notebooks filled with book lists,by SWer Lisa Rivero, see What's in Your Red (or Yellow) Spiral Notebook?, which I just found using the handy dandy search function right here on the site. We could SO do a mashup on the lists we keep. And the pens we use. But, er, that would take us away from writing. Which is numero uno on the list. And what we all get those pretty notebooks is for. And why, after all, we're here. It's Friday, She Writers. GO WRITE!

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  • Cheryl Wright

    Aw. That's so sweet. I think I read somewhere that it is an honor to have a cartoon in one's honor.

    cartoon about us.

  • Cheryl Wright

    Aw, that's so sweet! A cartoon about us.

  • Cheryl Wright

    Like you Kelly Jo, Deborah's post and all the comments help to nudge me out of a little funk.

  • Cheryl Wright

    Oh wow! There's my name and my post and the photos of my journals and notebooks. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tania's "Response" and Kelly"s "Notebooks I Have Known" and feel honored to be named along with them as some of your favorite responses to the blog post.

    Hey, this Notebook Mash ain't too shabby either Deborah. Marco really did a great job with the montage.