Be Kind to Deirdre Day
Okay, my latest essay "Be Kind to Deirdre Day" is posted on Drinking Diaries. It's another short one, only 750 words, so my theory is that you have time to click over and enjoy yourself. If you'd like to hear me reading it, please listen to an interview I did on The Valerie and Betty Show at the Centanni Broadcasting Network. If you go straight to their webpage the interview is on the 5/12/2010 show. Here is a direct link: mms:// & Betty 5.12.10.WMA Your computer should immediately start a media player if you use the direct link. So don't do it when you boss is looking over your shoulder. Put your headphones on at least. The interview begins at: 36:15 minutes into the show. The reading begins at: 1:09:00 ends about 1:15:00 Interview ends at: 1:45:50. I hope you enjoy this latest essay. Let me know what you think. --

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