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  • If You Could Give She Writes Superpowers, What Would You Do To Make It Fly?
If You Could Give She Writes Superpowers, What Would You Do To Make It Fly?
Written by
The Salonniere
May 2010
Written by
The Salonniere
May 2010
Lately I have been engaging in a super-fun, super-stimulating exercise: imagining what She Writes would look like, and would be capable of doing, if I could give it superpowers. Or even just some of the regular old powers that modern technology makes possible these days, which are pretty darn super. She Writes is vibrant and powerful as-is, but it isn't what it would be if we'd had the resources to build it from scratch. The best superpower I could give She Writes, of course, would be the power to read the collective mind of this community. Because I am not envisioning my fantasy She Writes with the idea that it will remain a fantasy. I am envisioning it because I want to go out and raise the money we need to build the site that we, and you, want. My She Writes Superpower Project goes by another name: it's called a business plan. And while I have no idea if we will be successful in raising the money we need to turn fantasy in reality, I do know one thing: this is a magical and precious opportunity to dream and dream big, and I really hope you will dream along with me. So tell me: if YOU could build this network from scratch and make it do any one thing for women writers and readers, what would it be, super or otherwise? You name it, and don't be shy. We will do everything we can to make it fly.

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  • Susanne Dunlap

    It's hard to think what to add to the comments already posted. I agree with all of them! Let me start by saying I think the NING interface is really good, a major step up from some of the earlier forums I have been on. I know there are local events posted and get-togethers, and I belong to the NYC group, but I'm wondering if we can get even more local for big cities. A Brooklyn group, for instance.

    Also, one of my biggest concerns as a writer is somehow being able to reach readers directly. I don't know if there's a way a community like She Writes can help facilitate that: perhaps a directory people could opt into for speaking engagements? School or community visits?

    Just a thought.


  • Lisa Kathryn

    I would love to have a "readers 'n writers" bookshop akin to a farmers' market. I imagine a place where writers could sell their works and readers could browse genres and each could engage the other directly. I do this every week at our local farmers' market and love the social interaction.

    She Write could fund itself by taking a small transaction fee from each sale just like many farmers markets do.

    The problem is protecting the distribution of digital books from digital piracy. There are a number of sites that sell eBooks of writers, but only one seems to be concerned about the above problem. This one site has offered to let me use its system when I set up my own site to start licensing my curricula. I just don't have the skills to do this for myself, and I imagine I am not alone. It would be great if She Writes could do this for its members. Just think of all the readers (and new writers) She Writes could attract. LK

  • Deirdre Sinnott

    I wish that there was a history I could scroll back on for the latest activity. I feel like I miss a lot and I'm not able to visit each writer's page one at a time to see what my friends have been up to.

    I love the ideas of the webinars, though I haven't done or attended on yet.

    Other than that, I second the previous posts.

    Thanks for all the work!

  • live chats
    more cohesive organization of info on home page -- less scattered
    online writing workshops -- by genre
    online book clubs
    statistics from the publishing world (real info with #s on what really goes on)
    outreach to young people to get and keep them reading
    writing contests -- various kinds
    live get togethers i.e. conferences/trade shows where she writers can network and show wares
    in the making $$ realm: ads, email list rentals (allowing members to opt out of course), live online book channel, a she writes cable show

    anyway just a few quick thoughts. hope it's useful
    best of luck Kamy et al.

  • Well, if we're talking true super powers, I'd love to have magic wand buttons that would allow members to push the "finish the great american novel" button, or the "collect the publishing contract of my dreams" one.

    But on a more realistic level ...

    I'd like to be able to reverse the threads, so the newest post appears first (is there a way to do this?).

    I'd also love to be able to have a group bookshelf, so we could put up writing books we've found particularly helpful, or group member books.

    I'd love a calendar function that would allow groups to have a group calendar (so SF Bay Writers could see who is doing what where, and all those AWP Panels could have been laid out in easy-to-read).

    And there's a rumor going around that the discussions are searchable by non she writers, although the groups themselves are not. If this is true, I'd rather it not be. :-)

  • I am relatively new to She Writes and for that reason have not referred to it often, but have enjoyed keeping informed and occasionally commenting on a post.

    Here are a few thoughts from a beginner's perspective:
    1. There is so much information on the site that it is a bit overwhelming (visually, that is).
    2. I'd like to establish or learn of a writer's group/She Writes group in Southern California to share our writing and get together for readings and other events in this area. (How to expand the reach of the site's community to places other than NYC?)

    I have not spent enough time searching the site for expert guidance (an agent, for example) so I cannot comment on the accessibility of such assistance, written or live. One day when it is the right time, I will do it.

    Thank you for asking. I very much like the site, in particular the vast sources of knowledge and the openness of its members. I feel as though I belong to this group.