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  • Hi, my name is Nina Chong and I... [Quick post about blog-writing]
Hi, my name is Nina Chong and I... [Quick post about blog-writing]
Written by
Nina Chong
April 2010
Written by
Nina Chong
April 2010
Is it just me or is anyone else here to simply be among other women writers? And when I say women writers, I don't just mean women authors and publishers. Don't get me wrong, I love reading the blogs of authors and their stories, struggles and compelling and quirky thoughts. However, sometimes I must confess I feel a little left out f the writers circle. I need to get things out. I have a lot to share. I have a lot of things to say. I am one of those people who has fallen for the connecting feeling of a pen against a sheet of paper. I've got to hear the sound of words being scratched out because they must. I was born to undergo the series of feelings associated with living, breathing, and talking vicariously through an instrument that emits sounds of another language. I wanted to start writing on blogs to share my thoughts with other writers--for them to read and appreciate what I had to say and how I expressed myself. I, in turn, intended to do the same. I think I am wishing for someone to understand. Isn't that why a lot of us write? [at least sometimes] To have someone understand, in some way, what or how we felt when we wrote. Get what I'm saying. Tap into these click-clacked sentences I typed out for more reasons than my own. Maybe because I selfishly feel the need to belong to others in an unselfish way. But I know I'm not the only one. We're all out there. We are all a network of writing women. Undergoing shared sentiment and uproaringly celebrating the fiestiness of our uniquely individual personalities, life experiences and passions. Hi, my name is Nina Chong. I am 20 years old and I write because it's been deeply stitched into the fibers of my being--a survival tool. Who are you?

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