Diary of a Phenomenal Woman (1)
Friday, April 16th 2010 I was thinking of a title for my blog, one that would be loud and clear enough to call my name back to it as often as possible, one that I would not forget, like I did all my unfinished scattered pieces of writing here and there. A resonant drumming sound, one which would cadence my body, heart and soul into a constant, daring, continuous writing dance. Maya Angelou's words always spoke to me, loud and clear, as if hailing me in a crowded street, singling me out as if I were the only person there. "Phenomenal woman", that's me. Arrogant, self-assuming, isn't it? Sure is, and I accept the blame for it. So who are you anyways?, one would ask. I am a God-fearing woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a writer, a professional, a cleaning lady, a cook, a maid,a fashionista, a shoe-lover, a lover...I am open, closed, sweet, sour, prude, daring, compassionate, selfish, smart, silly...I am Woman, simple, complicated, common, yet quite phenomenal... From the west coast of Africa to the shores of New England, from being a little dreamy girl to a big dreamy girl, from then to now, I've been wearing so many colors, flags, and identities, that I'm not sure I remember what the set destination was supposed to be. Just like my hair, can't remember for the life of me what the original color was... I just like how it looks now, waves and frizzies, disappearing bleaching agents here and there and all... I'm just trying to enjoy the journey, one that I don't understand half of the time, one that I really did not see coming, but one that I'd like to share for what it's worth. I don't know a lot of things, but I know that a pen and blank piece of paper, or a blank computer screen, make me feel like I've got wings, that my voice is so much taller than the 4'11'' frame I've been carrying around for 30 years now. This much I know...

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