Satellite Images of Alien Moon Base
Written by
Theodora Filis
April 2010
Written by
Theodora Filis
April 2010
My friend, Joe Shaw, and I are blogger's. The other day we were discussing our inability to find something new and exciting to write about. I suggested we each find a topic for the other to post. This is my assignment. Thank you Joe! Just wait for our next go-around... In researching my topic, my blood pressure started rising to new heights. "What buffoons these UFO fanatics are!" I exclaimed with great humiliation and terror posting a topic such as a Moon base on my blog. But, I made my own bed and now it's time to sleep in it. The evidence is undeniable. The photographs that were presented on this forum were black and white images with smudges that looked like any planet with craters seen in National Geographic. Upon closer investigation, I still could see nothing that hadn't been pointed out to me. I felt they were saying "look dummy, I'm pointing it out to you with this big arrow and outlining it with my yellow highlighter - what's wrong with you!" A lot, I suppose, but that's for another post. Digging deeper into the 'evidence' I read words like, military photographs, top secret, those lines mean buildings, these lines mean space ship, etc. I then proceeded to take my magnifying glass to have yet a closer look at the dark side of the moon, where this base was built so that it would not be visible to earth. Humm, they were starting to grab my attention now. Then I read, it was billions of years old! Billions? You mean they were afraid the dinosaurs might see them? I could just picture the scene: A hungry Tyrannosaurus rex is about to nosh on a Protoceratops when suddenly Protoceratops looks up to the sky, and says "hey Ty rex it's another one of those space ships from the dark side of the moon!" Not!. All in all, as with anything that can not be explained, it comes down to what we want to see and believe. I have no doubt there is other life form roaming around this enormous universe we call home. Happy we are not alone, happier still they leave us alone. Let's hope they continue to do so...

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