Paul and Julia Child
Written by
Theodora Filis
April 2010
Written by
Theodora Filis
April 2010
I always found Julia Child hard to understand, and even harder to watch. Her funny way of speaking, as if she always had too much saliva, and needed to swallow. Then I started reading her book, My Life in France, and after reading the Foreword began falling in love with this women and her relationship with her husband. I tend to hold the book close to my chest after reading, as if to ingest the energy of her life. How many of us can claim to have the tenacity and wit of Julia? How many can claim to remain positive and loving during the trials and tribulations of their life? This women taught us more than the art of french cuisine. She taught us the secret to a happy life. No one is perfect or has all the answers, and yet, Julia Child through her imperfections and her search for answers found true happiness and contentment. Life is about doing what makes you happy - and doing it well. It's about the choices we make and how we face the choices we did not make. Strength of character, enthusiastic, friendly, energetic, loving, and loved... words to describe a women I hardly knew and found it hard to get to know. Once I uncovered the treasures she held, I held on. Thanks must be given to Paul Child for loving this ugly duckling and allowing her to flourish into the unique and beautiful swan she eventually became. From two lives that met so late in life, came a soft and gentle example of true and pure love.

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