When a Girl Dies
Written by
Madeline Smola
April 2010
Written by
Madeline Smola
April 2010
If a 19-year-old girl had brutally stabbed her 19-year-old boyfriend to death, it would be national, front page news. But when a girl is murdered, it can simply fall by the wayside. Should we be expected to acknowledge the 579 girls and young women murdered annually in America? I think so. Allison Myrick of Groton, Mass., a Fitchburg State College freshman, was brutally murdered by Robert Gulla, her abusive boyfriend, on January 23, just days after filing a restraining order against him. Massachusetts, along with much of the nation, is still reeling from the tragic suicide of bullying victim Phoebe Prince, but have we become so callous as to not be touched by this domestic violence death as well? The weekend that Allison was murdered, I was preparing for our school's Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month campaign. The morning announcements about statistics and resources were set and a line-up of both male and female students were at the helm to recite them. Our project board, displaying resources, a "healthy-dating" pledge and the tragic story of Emily Silverstein, was prepped, glued, and dried. Emily Silverstein was murdered by her boyfriend in April 2009. Her father, Robert Silverstein, wrote to our school asking to partake in the awareness month in honor of his daughter. No one expected another teen dating murder, and although Allison's death was in our own backyard, there was no time to change our campaign or find out the facts. It would be days before Gulla would receive his hospital bedside arraignment. to read more click here

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