Are you an eco-sexual?

Just when you thought another sexual label couldn’t possibly be invented, those who are bringing the green movement into your bedroom have a new and sexy tag for you to wear: eco-sexual. With Earth Day quickly approaching, and the recent publication of a Eco-Sex: Go green between the sheets and make your love life sustainable (Stefanie Iris Weiss, March 2010), expect to hear more about how you can green your love life. What exactly is eco-sexuality? The idea is simple. Every aspect of your personal life – from birth control to your bedding to the bling you wear – has an impact on the environment and your health and wellbeing. Consider the pill. According to the Weiss, the author of Eco-sex, "The EPA has found that excreted or discarded birth control pills are ending up in our waterways, where they have a DNA-altering, gender bending effect on our fish and wildlife." But the problems go deeper than that. When you trifle with nature, and in this case, the reproductive health for humans as well as other species, long term health consequences are unforeseen and unavoidable. A more environmentally friendly alternative is the IUD. Surprised? The topic of eco-sexuality isn’t totally new, nor is it limited to what you do in your nether regions. Sure, organic intimate lubrication is a start, but sustainable sex includes broader topics. Things like the food you eat, the number of children you have, even the make-up you wear. All these and more impact your intimate life and the health of the planet. Gives new meaning to the term, global warming, eh? Tinamarie muses about love, sex and relationships for anyone who is interested. She thinks chocolate is a righteous sin, and won't give up a single pair of red shoes, even though she knows green is the new in-color. Follow her on twitter @ModernLoveMuse. Better yet, make friends here.

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