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  • Want a vacation from the everyday but don't have the money this year? Escape to...
Want a vacation from the everyday but don't have the money this year? Escape to...
Written by
Diane Tegarden
March 2010
Written by
Diane Tegarden
March 2010

Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time,Diane Tegarden,FireWalker Publications

Would you like to escape but don’t have the money for a vacation this year? Escape to the brave new world of Terrax, where your first mistake could be your last!

Diane Tegarden’s newest release “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time” is a science fiction novel set in the distant future with its hooks deep into renewable energy, which changes the face of the planet.

Here is a synopsis of the book…..

“Terrax, the Crystal Planet, is an exacting world. A place where human physical contact is impossible and stepping outside is virtual suicide. The atmosphere is a hurricane of Coriolis winds and deadly scattershowers, composed of toxic metals formed into whip-like threads kilometers long. Immense Ocean Domes cover over the toxic sludge where the oceans used to be, and the surface of Terrax is covered in crystalline structures, called the Hives, where only the upper crust lives. No one can survive the raw elements; all must reside inside buildings, vicariously living through virtual reality programming.

To believe the tales of “Olde Earth”, a place where clean water flowed from the sky, where the outdoor air was breathable and edible food grew out of the ground? These were no more than nestling’s stories, ancient mythology from a distant Time.

Until the Rips in Time occurred...… What happens next changes Terrax forever.”

Reviews for “Anti-Vigilante and the Rips in Time”

Dennis Griffin writes:

Diane, I read and thoroughly enjoyed the first chapter of Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time. Below is a brief review you're welcome to post on your site if you'd like.

“My congratulations to Diane Tegarden for her book Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time. I found it to be a very entertaining read; superbly written with well-defined characters and an intriguing plot. Once picked up, it's tough to put down. Great job, Diane!”

Denny Griffin, author



Pam Osbey, Radio Talk Show Hostess writes:

“Diane Tegarden writes across genres. Her latest effort delves into planet and shows how society is changed by the use of renewable energy production. She delicately explains the beauty and folly of the human condition through some innovative ideas like a “re-imaging” machine that will enable people to relive emotions and experiences from their past. Throughout the book, Tegarden interjects her native spirituality, detailing some of the rituals and dances of her native faith.”

Pam Osbey,



The Lady Marsha, Author and Publisher writes:

”As I writer I try to support my fellow literary engineers every time the opportunity presents itself. Good writers are the ones who keep you enthralled and turning the pages and this is exactly what happened to me when I read chapter one of Diane Tegarden's "Anti-Vigilante and the Rips in Time".

Chapter one of "Anti-Vigilante and the Rips in Time" is a delectable appetizer that makes you eager to delve into the main course.

Forget the New York Times list and read a really good book by a really creative writer. I give it ten thumbs up!!!

Hugs to you my dear,

Marsha, Lambkin Walters Lavender Publishing


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