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  • Countdown to Publication: (-23) Days -- The "End" is Just the Beginning!
Countdown to Publication: (-23) Days -- The "End" is Just the Beginning!
Written by
Sonya Chung
March 2010
Written by
Sonya Chung
March 2010
I want to thank SheWrites and all you who've been coming along this journey with me for your support and engaged interest and lovely comments. I've learned so much from this process of writing about the book release and the events along the way. This is, of course, just the beginning -- of a marathon, not a sprint. The Writing Life, that is. I have 5 weeks ahead of travel and readings, and as I look ahead toward summer, to the "end" of the book tour, it does very much feel more like a launching -- into an adventure both exciting and unpredictable -- than any sort of denouement. I want to say a farewell and now step off the "Countdown" stage; since I'm well past an actual countdown to publication. In a few weeks I plan to write a "What I Learned on Book Tour" piece at The Millions, where I am a regular contributor; and I will certainly continue blogging about the journey at my own site, www.sonyachung.com and posting at Facebook. (We're still working at and waiting on reviews, so there will surely be more news to come!) I hope you'll find me at these other sites, and I'll be sure to link to these from my page here at SheWrites. Good luck to you all, thank you again, and please (really) do stay/get in touch; the community here has been truly special, I'd love to hear from you.

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  • Deborah Siegel Writing

    Thank you for counting down with us, Sonya! Wishing you all wonderful things!!!

  • Victoria Mixon

    Congratulations, Sonya, and thank you for all your news and insights and fellowship. Good luck with LONG FOR THIS WORLD! And good luck, especially, with your next novel, which I'm guessing you're already dreaming about.

  • Rebecca Rasmussen

    Hey -- you should check out Raintaxi for possible reviews. They are reviewing fine literary fiction that might otherwise be less reviewed elsewhere... :)

  • Sandra Beasley

    Congrats, Sonya! You've done a great job launching the book--and as you say, with many more miles to travel. Good luck in particular with snagging reviews (I know exactly how stressful that can be), and keep us posted. Let the conversation continue~