Anaïs Nin's Hot Cross Buns
Written by
Rebecca Coffey
March 2010
Written by
Rebecca Coffey
March 2010
"Take a lipstick and begin rouging your sex…". The wonderful Elissa Bassist has published my "Anaïs Nin's Hot Cross Buns" in the "Funny Women" column on The Rumpus. "...Don’t be nervous; you are in a state of grace, and everyone is mostly asleep, anyway. In accord with the surrealists, you are about to reach for the marvelous...."

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  • Rebecca, that was marvelous, brilliant and so funny! I ,it's read your other works. Sakki

  • Rebecca Coffey

    Hey, Phoebe, it's exciting that you have a novel coming out soon!

  • Phoebe Wilcox

    Hi Rebecca, I only had time to read a quarter of this but I really love it and look forward to finishing it at some point. I wrote a weird recipe poem too but it was less playful and more depressing and I didn't get it published b/c I only sent it out to a couple places. Maybe I'll get back to it at some point. Maybe not. I have a couple novels to finish too....