Happy Spring Equinox!
Written by
Alice Grist
March 2010
Written by
Alice Grist
March 2010
The first day of spring is tomorrow - March 21st! Though I am starting my celebrations today and am shortly off to plant a few seeds - my equinox babies! On the day of the equinox - tomorrow - I am undertaking my Reiki Level 3 (Master) training and am sure to enjoy a massive boost of equinox energy to my training due to the fantastic day it falls upon! I had initially double booked myself and was supposed to be attending a sweat lodge. It seems Mother Earth is determined to have me working with her one way or another! Spring Equinox is traditionally a time of renewal, much like the traditional Easter celebrations many Wiccan and Pagan people celebrate the renewal of life, fluffy bunnies, baby animals, and the reawakening of our wondrous Mother Earth. The highly revered deity of spring Equinox is Ostara and the focus is upon the cycle of life and death, fertility and new life! Spring Equinox is a perfect time to start off new ventures and adventures. Any potential Mommas and poppas out there, may wish to take advantage of the equinox and get to practicing their baby making skills! To help you get into the sensation that is Spring, I suggest you get out into nature. Maybe plant a few seeds and give them extra special love and affection. The equinox also celebrates maiden energy, so it's a perfect excuse to take your young daughters, nieces and young female friends out for that overdue girly lunch! Celebrate your inner maiden too. Maybe write your younger self a letter or post a pic of your girly self on here for us all to enjoy! What would your girlhood self say to you if she could see you now! Whatever you do, lap up the renewal of the planet, add to her with your seeds and please her with your barefoot and your smiles! Happy Spring Equinox! Alice x

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