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  • Countdown to Publication: (-16) Days - The Energy Dip and Homesick for Writing
Countdown to Publication: (-16) Days - The Energy Dip and Homesick for Writing
Written by
Sonya Chung
March 2010
Written by
Sonya Chung
March 2010
I am in something of an energy valley right now. So far I have done 5 readings in NYC; one more to go. I am pretty pooped. Next week, I'm in Boston -- Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, that is, on March 24 at 7pm. Come out if you're in the area!

Had a great time at McNally Jackson Books in SoHo. If/when you schedule your own book tour readings, definitely add MJB to your list -- the love of books among the staff there is delightful and palpable. I especially loved that they took the time to write a very customized intro of the book -- someone had obviously read it, as opposed to just reading a paragraph off the dust jacket. It's the little things... Good news rolling in: MORE Magazine featured LONG FOR THIS WORLD in its "Books We're Buzzing About" top 20. LFTW is lucky #7 on the list! And a review at the Open Letters Monthly Like Fire blog by Lisa Peet made my (and my editor's) day: beautifully written, astute, and exactly the kind of review that makes you feel like you've managed to express and convey most of what you'd hoped/intended (even unconsciously) in your work. Here's the opening paragraph: When a novel, particularly a debut novel, is referred to as “ambitious,” there’s usually an implicit “but” present. In Long for This World, Sonya Chung takes on the dynamics of family—what draws it together and what pulls it apart—through the eyes of a number of players, male and female, old and young, Korean and Korean-American. Both her subject matter and her approach are ambitious, to say the least. The only “but” in my reaction, however, is but she pulls it off—and admirably. Read the full review here. Finally, I wanted to share with you all a piece I wrote for the Gotham Writers Workshop blog, hosted by Susan Breen. It speaks to the homesick feeling that can start to creep in as you release and promote a book, but are struggling to write and read at the same pace as before the hoopla began. The piece is called "On Becoming a Writer" and addresses the question, "When did you know that you were a writer?" Ok, I'm off to a mini-retreat -- two days of solitude -- and hope to get a lot of writing done. May you also write well and often this week!

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  • Lisa Rivero

    Sonya, the "On Becoming a Writer" piece is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it, and congratulations!

  • Sandra Beasley

    Enjoy your retreat, Sonya! And congrats on the first round of readings, and these great reviews. It's clear to me from even just our brief dialogues that you are a true writer--savvy to the business, but at the end of the day dedicated to the craft--and I know that more writing, and more books, await.