Three Steps to Stop Dating Violence
Written by
Madeline Smola
March 2010
Written by
Madeline Smola
March 2010
Allison Myrick, a Fitchburg State freshman, was majoring in media communications, with a specialization in graphic arts. "Allison was a very intelligent, creative, funny, compassionate, beautiful 19-year-old with her whole life ahead of her,’’ her family said. She was, however, a victim of teen dating violence. During an argument about text messages, her boyfriend, Robert Gulla, 19, punched her in the stomach four times, knocking the wind out of her. During a separate incident he threw her to the floor, according to court documents; he then elbowed her in the head and knocked her unconscious. On January 21, 2010, Allison took out a restraining order against him. Four days later, Robert stabbed her to death. How many girls have to die before teen dating violence is an issue that legislators and educators take seriously? February was Teen dating Violence Awareness Month. Creating awareness is a beginning, but where do we go from there? How about this: ...continue reading

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