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  • Child Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention. Parents, expect sexual predators to be after your...
Child Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention. Parents, expect sexual predators to be after your children. They are!
Child Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention. Expect sexual predators to be after your children. They are. Please expect sexual predators to be after your children. They are. The average girl is crossed CLOSELY by about 100 sexual predators before she reaches adulthood. And a boy, 10 maybe 20. So the ugly truth is, parents should expect sexual predators to be after their children. They are. Pretending abusers are not around, does not make your child safe. It makes your child vulnerable. Too vulnerable. Abusers are waiting for you NOT to expect or suspect them. They are waiting for an opportunity when your back is turned. They come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Mine was a 15 year old boy next door. A predator only needs one opportunity, one. One violation can damage a child’s life. Expect sexual predators to be after your kids. Put in the block in their way. Be prepared and proactive instead of reactive. Over a third of our children are sexually abused by someone they know. Someone close to the family or even in the family. Err on the side of safety. Children do not make up stories about sexual abuse. If they tell you that something happened, believe them and investigate. If you sense something is wrong, don’t dismiss it. Act on it. Know the major tells. Don’t ignore your good instincts and leave your child vulnerable. Don’t believe no-one will hurt them, unfortunately some people will. Eliminate the opportunities, please. I hope this makes sense? It makes sense to me. As a child, I needed a block. I needed my parents and my family to know that sexual predators would be after me. I needed them to help me. As an adult, I am trying to give children the help I needed. My goal is that fewer children will be facing sexual predators alone if at-all. Let’s help the kids by admitting and resolving the problems today. Ok? Thank you again for letting me share. Renee Here is a video of my and my Dad warning parents. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nq3nLtT1Ytc Next weeks post, “That’s a shame.” Copy written by Renee B. Cooper, 2010 http://reneecoopersrecoveryrepairjourney.blogspot.com/

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  • Thanks Sandra,
    Yes, I can and will be training myself for a while. I have a local college and a library. Between the two and a movie making program, I can find and refine my voice and message. Looks like I am going back to school. Stay tuned. And if you want, be a follower. I am more likely to find a similar with more followers and exposure.
    Cheers Renee

  • Sandra Hunter

    You may be able to find inexpensive courses at a local college (film or speech, for example) that could help with presentation. It's quite an art to be able to deliver important information in a way that resonates with the audience.

    Another possibility is to watch other videos on topics such as health care, financial assistance for students, or opening a new library. Choose topics that are not emotional since you need to be able to focus on the way the video is made and how the speaker releases information, rather than on the content.

    As you continue to research and structure your own videos, you'll probably find other like-minded individuals. They will also have information and suggestions about how to present this information.

    You're absolutely right that this subject needs awareness and support.

  • Yes my friend it is a tremendous journey, and very long in coming. As I learn more, I understand and connect. Really, we can solve this problem with awareness and support. I have been living on a fence between the two for a very long time. I am standing up and speaking out, and if people believe me, their children could be saved. One is wonderful, but the more the better. I am greedy on the subject. I can live with that. I couldn't live with the silence and the shame.
    Yes, I would consider a professional, but I am nearly bankrupt from this second major round of healing. And I can do it this way at no cost. I am trying to get smoother in my camera work and in my presentation. I am not a speaker or one comfortable with speaking. Yet, I feel I must speak-up and help. I am not use to this and could use assistance. As people can easily see, I am human with many faults.
    Yes, I agree the better my material, the bigger the audience. And that is my end goal. Right now, I am making sure the message I am bringing out works. And the places I need to work on.
    And maybe after a video or two, I can contact someone who has experience. Please keep guiding me and giving me suggestions and questions. I am working on getting all my videos on my blog. Next, I have my Dad training to be a comic. A girl has to have balance.
    Cheers my friend,
    Voice Finder

  • Sandra Hunter

    It's a tremendous journey.

    I don't know if you're ready to consider this, but have you thought of working with an editor or perhaps even a director for subsequent videos? The better your material is presented, the better chance you have of reaching a wider audience.

    Your honesty is palpable -- it's a strong part of the piece.

  • Hi Sandra,

    No, I have never written or spoken of this subject before. I just came out to my family this last year. My father is wonderfully supportive and pro-active with me. Now I am working off all the mental ties in therapy. And I have created my blog to say all the things I have been wanting to say and show. First, I had to lose all my silence and shame. Which the blog did for me.
    Now, I am hoping to find a way to raise awareness and understanding. And I thought video would better than just my written words and thoughts. If I can come off as I do in person, people can believe and trust in me. It is an ugly subject that needs to be dealt with openly and honestly.
    I am very very new at this. I am trying to find my voice and approach. My Dad has read most of my posts and has given me feedback. So when I went video, he started helping me. And to keep things balanced, I am helping my Dad to develop his own comedy act. Which is funny in itself.
    Thank you for watching and giving me comments. Suggestions and questions are great, I am learning and growing and brand spanking new and trying to walk.

  • Sandra Hunter

    Hey Renee:

    It's terrific that your father is supporting you.

    Here's a question: Have you written about this before, or are you at the "starting gate" as it were?

  • Thank you for the encouragement Sandra,
    It is a scary step for me, but what I believe it right. It is so wonderful that my father is so wonderful.
    Please feel free to leave me comments and suggestions. The ugliness requires a softer approach. But the truth will set us free.

  • Sandra Hunter

    Renee, you are doing very important work. Too often we prefer to think of predators as strangers because no one wants to admit they know someone who is a predator. This may be related to accepting responsibility, or moving out of a comfort zone -- I don't know. Everyone I know who've spoken about child abuse has said, as you mention in your blog, that the predator was someone they knew, either a relative, a family friend, or a childhood friend.

    Thank you for speaking up, and thank you for facing this head on.

    I look forward to hearing more from you in this journey.