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  • Countdown to Publication: 0 Days - Release Day!
Countdown to Publication: 0 Days - Release Day!
Written by
Sonya Chung
March 2010
Written by
Sonya Chung
March 2010
You wake up, and everything is pretty much the same. You walk the dog, make the coffee, water the plants, wash last night's dishes (ew)... I taught a class this morning, which was wonderful. This particular group of students is talented, mature, and full of positive energy. I told them, "Every one of you is capable of writing a book-length work of fiction," and I meant it. It's not always that you can say this to a class and mean it. On my way home, I stopped in at a Barnes & Noble (one of the really gigantic ones). I found LONG FOR THIS WORLD on the "New Fiction" shelf (on the same shelf as JM Coetzee, Tracy Chevalier, and Peter Ackroyd!) and took out my Blackberry to snap a photo. A staff person came along to tell me that "photos are not aloud in the store." (Really?) I made a sad face and told him it was "my book." He brightened immediately and then offered to take a photo for me -- with me in it. I thought, what the hey? Here it is:

Then he asked if I wanted to sign the books -- apparently they sell better with the "Autographed Copy" sticker on them (and the store can't return them to the publisher if they don't sell!). So I pulled out my Sharpie and signed away! If you live anywhere near Lincoln Center in NYC, there are now (8) autographed copies of LONG FOR THIS WORLD in the B&N New Fiction section awaiting you. I also had lunch with a dear friend and shared with her "all my news." I mentioned that LONG FOR THIS WORLD would be reviewed in PARADE Magazine next week (March 7). My friend works for TIME Inc. and knows a lot more about the periodicals world than I do. She informed me that PARADE has a national circulation of something like 38 million. Wowza! Look for it next Sunday. Truthfully? I'm exhausted. NORTH BY NORTHWEST is half-watched at home, I think I may turn in early...!

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  • Rebecca Rasmussen

    Congratulations!!!!!! You are amazing.

  • Siobhan Fallon

    Wow, how wonderful! Congratulations!

  • Judith van Praag

    Countdown to the Parade, one day!

  • Lisa Peet

    Sounds like a wonderful event, Sonya. I'm sorry I couldn't be there -- unexciting/unavoidable/completely uninteresting stuff came up. But I'm reading the book and it's wonderful! Congratulations on something to be really proud of.

  • Precious Williams

    Congratulations on your book launch - and lovely pic!

  • Sweet story, sweet photo. Hope the Parade review does amazing things for your launch!

  • Susan Breen

    Congratulations Sonya! 38 million people! You only need one per cent of them to go off and buy your book and you'll be in great shape. (I think. I can't actually figure that out.) Enjoy this day.

  • Congratulations Sonya! It is true that stores sell autographed copies more quickly, and often the indies will put your book on the check out desk if it is signed. I used to go into every book store I could find and ask if they wanted me to sign my book, and they seemed to love it. Plus I don't think I ever really got over how cool it was that bookstores HAD my book in the first place. Looking forward to reading about it everywhere...

  • Sonya Chung

    Thanks for all your kind and supportive comments! I wish you all the best in your writing and publishing adventures.

  • Judith van Praag

    Fantastic, congratulations! Will you come to Seattle on book tour?

  • Karen Arnold

    How very very exciting!! I will be watching for Parade on the 7th!! Enjoy the wonderful ride.
    ps I love the photo!

  • Congrats, Sonya! How exciting for you! Just goes to show that there is no ordinary moment! Wishing you much success. Enjoy, enjoy!

  • Doreen McGettigan

    That must be the MOST exciting feeling ever..great picture!!

  • Victoria Mixon

    Congratulations, Sonya! That's a great photo!

  • Care Morency

    What a great story! Congratulations on your great accomplishment.

  • Cynthia M Ulreich

    I can only hope one day I can feel that sense of awe and pride. Congratulations!

  • Karen Sosnoski

    Congratulations! Enjoy reading inspiring accounts like this. Karen

  • Sonya Chung

    Thank you, everyone! Fighting a cold, doing readings today and tomorrow... drinking lots of tea.

    I found this piece by Allison Amend about DIY book tours really wonderful:

  • Kim Wright


  • Marion Roach Smith

    Congratulations. Enjoy every second of this experience. We are all rooting for your great success.

  • Sandra Beasley

    I am just catching up on post-trip internet, so I'm sorry I missed this by a day, but CONGRATS, Sonya, on your launch! Finding the book in the store has to be supremely satisfying.

    Seeing the photo of your book on the shelf, that lower-half figure/silhouette really pops--makes me want to lean in for a closer look. It's always nice when the theoretical design for a cover proves to be genuinely eye-catching.

    I'll watch for your cameo in Parade...when even the grandmothers are seeing reviews for your book on a Sunday morning, you've truly arrived. Enjoy!